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The neutrality and independence of New Zealand, coupled with top quality communications and adherence to international dispute protocols, ensure an ideal venue for arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution.
Our special consultancy bridges the gulf between technical and lay language.  However technical or scientific the problem, we will express your views in plain words.   A network of highly qualified professionals is at your disposal.
Assessment and drafting of Domain Name dispute cases, for either Complainant or Defendant.
Areas of Dispute Resolution

  • Medical Science & Technology
  • Health & Safety
  • DNA & Genetic Engineering
  • Domain Names, Internet Trade
  • Education & Training
  • Intellectual Property, Professional Misconduct, Plagiarism

  • Environment, Pollution, Biosphere, Biotechnology
  • Rural Disputes 
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Antiques, Authenticity & Valuation
  • Travel, Accommodation, Aviation 
  • General Disputes

Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is mainly by Arbitration or Mediation.  Negotiation and presentation of your position are also available.  Arbitration is a professional procedure under the Arbitration Act 1996.  The major advantages of Arbitration over Court action include:

Privacy and Confidentiality.  Arbitration proceedings are private and no person may be present without the permission of the parties.  The proceedings are not reported.  An exception can arise if the Award is later challenged in the High Court.

Domain Name Disputes  are resolved differently and Adjudications are published.  To see a typical Adjudication, click here.  

Choice of Arbitrator.  Unlike proceedings in Court, the parties choose their own Arbitrator and can select a person with an expert ability to understand the evidence.  Usually a single arbitrator is chosen jointly by the parties.  If they cannot agree, there have to be three Arbitrators: one appointed by each side and a third appointed by the Arbitrators.  The Arbitrators appointed by each side are not advocates for one side, but are required to act as neutral Arbitrators.

Speed.  Arbitration can proceed much faster than Court action, provided the parties are co-operative.

Finality and Enforceability. The parties usually agree that an Arbitration Award is final and cannot normally be appealed to the High Court.  The Award is enforceable in law and can be enforced in many foreign countries that are signatories to international arbitration protocols.

Costs.  Arbitration may be cheaper than Court action but is not necessarily cheap.  The parties choose a highly qualified, impartial and experienced expert to resolve their dispute and can expect to pay professional fees for those skills and overheads.  A party with a strong case can take comfort in the expectation that some costs will be awarded to them against the losing party.  The costs of an Arbitration include:

Parties' costs.  These are the expenses incurred by the parties themselves such as legal help, attendance at hearings, expert witness costs; and

Arbitrator's costs.  These include the Arbitrator's fees and expenses for hours spent on the case.  Smaller disputes may be suitable for resolution on paperwork, or by teleconference, or over the internet.  In major disputes the expense of formal hearings may not be large compared with the total value of the disputed matter. 

Choose New Zealand

New Zealand is a multi-cultural nation with a strong reputation for integrity, independence and non-aligned policies.  Communications technology is world class and the time difference to Europe or the USA is an advantage in facilitating an overnight response.

Dispute Resolution facilities are of the highest standard, monitored by the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand which regulates affiliation by examination and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Arbitration in New Zealand has a long history governed by the 1908, 1938 and now 1996 Arbitration Acts. The 1996 Act gives full recognition to all relevant international protocols. 

DisputeScience Ltd

Principal Dr Clive Trotman combines Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London), Fellowship of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute NZ, the University Diploma in Dispute Resolution, and lengthy experience of scientific research and education.

Appointed by the Attorney General to the former Legal Aid Review Panel which heard appeals concerning legal aid. Member of Arbitration and Mediation Panels of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute NZ.  Domain Name Panels of the  World Intellectual Property Organization GenevaAsian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (Hong Kong, Seoul),  New Zealand Domain Name Commission (ret'd), the Council of Country Code Administrators, the Czech Arbitration Court, the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, and Nominet (UK).  Lay Member, NZ Law Society Standards (complaints) Committee, Otago.

Appointed mediator, Earthquake Commission Mediation Service administered by AMINZ.

Fuller details of Dr Clive Trotman's credentials are available on request.  If you need a different arbitrator or specialist, this will be arranged. 

Consultancy and Advocacy
Let us write it for you

Consultants are available to advise in a wide area of science, technology, health and law.  Our expertise is the presentation of complex matters in simple terms.  Regardless of how technically complex the matter may be, we can express it for you in plain words tailored to the intended readership or audience.  We can also do the opposite and convert your basic idea into a good technical or medical explanation suitable for professional presentation. 

Skills available to assist you with -

  • Negotiating and explaining your position
  • Domain Name dispute case presentation
  • Understanding or planning expert evidence
  • Review of technical evidence
  • Arbitration and Mediation 
  • Media articles and letters

  • Assessment of computer software or hardware specifications
  • Brochures and reports for public consumption
  • Interpretation of claims and inventions

Qualified consultants are available in these fields -

Computer Science

Information Retrieval
Electronic Publishing
Computer Communications
Data Storage
Algorithmic Efficiency and Scalability


Medical Imaging, X-ray
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMR)
Oral Surgery
Biomedical Science

Biotechnology, Biomedical, Life Sciences

All areas, including
Genetic Engineering
Genetic Modification

Professional and Educational Standards

Professional Standards, Misconduct
Postgraduate studies
Tertiary Education
Secondary Education
Distance and Correspondence Tuition 

The Arts

Documentary Production and Direction
Fashion and Design
Photographic Art 
Spanish and French Translation

Contact Information

Dr Clive Trotman
Dispute Science Ltd.
Dunedin, New Zealand 

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